Removal of NIRA MLS compensation related fields

We want to notify you that the MLS Grid will be removing compensation related fields from all data feed types at the request of NIRA MLS on JULY 1, 2024. There will be some fields added regarding concessions as part of this change. These changes will only affect data consumers with access to NIRA MLS. FIELDS BEING REMOVED

BuyerAgencyCompensation BuyerAgencyCompensationType DualVariableCompensationYN LeaseRenewalCompensation NRA_CompensationDisclaimer FIELDS BEING ADDED NRA_SellerConsiderConcessions YN NRA_ConcessionsInPrice NRA_ConcessionsInPriceType NRA_ConcessionsInPrice This change will take effect on July 1, 2024. Any new or modified records from the MLS will immediately receive these changes when it goes into effect.

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