MLS Grid Documentation

This document gives an overview of the mlsgrid as well as how to start replicating data against it's web api.

April 23rd 2019 API Changes

  • Changed StandardStatus enumeration to match RESO DD 1.7

  • Removed MRD_N, MRD_E, MRD_S, MRD_W from PropertyComl and PropertyComs

  • Changed Mred field annotations


  • Add MRD_PARKING_RATIO, MRD_AREA_UNITS, MRD_UNIT_SQFT fields to the PropertyComl and PropretyComs resources for Mred lisitngs.

February 2019 API Changes

In order to better serve our customers in 2019, we have had to make a few changes to the data structure. We've unified the data to a single ModificationTimestamp for pulling updates and standardized on that field across the data. We will also provide MlgCanView within every resource type to make it easier to clean and maintain your data sets on a per resource basis. Instituting these changes will keep our systems running efficiently and will simplify and improve our replication process for our customers.

  • Changed MlgModificationTimestamp to ModificationTimestamp

  • Added ModificationTimestamp to Media

  • added OriginatingSystemModificationTimestamp to Media, Property, Office and Member

  • added MlgCanView to OpenHouse and Media

  • Added search by Id for each resource.

MLS Grid API Overview

V. 1.0


Brokers: ONE set of rules and display guidelines. Reduce expenses by working with ONE with data feed, ONE set of rules and ONE compliance process. Future national IDX option and valuable analytics for evaluating usage and value of vendor products and consumer behaviors.

MLSs: ONE data feed and license to The MLS Grid for IDX, VOW and third-party vendors. Reduce expenses by sharing licensing and compliance overhead with all MLSs participating in the MLS Grid. Control of approved vendors and their access to listings, as well as quarterly compliance audits of the websites where listings are displayed.

Vendors: ONE standard license agreement, data feed and compliance enforcement. Reduce expenses working with one source for data feeds and compliance requirements.

And More: Go to to see all the benefits.

MLS Grid Data & Conversion

To help you familiarize yourself with the MLS Grid it is important to understand how we get our data, and what we do with that data. That is what this section covers.

MLS Data Import

As shown in the chart below we gather our data from each MLS using RETS. This includes all resource types and any accompanying images.

This is accomplished with the following steps:

  1. Gets the raw data using and timestamp delta.

  2. Downloads any media assets for each record.

  3. Uploads each media asset to Amazon S3 and creates a media record for each.

  4. Converts each record from it's native MLS format to RESO data dictionary standard, keeping any non conforming fields.

Import Frequency

Our policy is to import as frequently as possible. Unless there is a restriction in place from the MLS, we check for changes every minute from our member MLSs.

This results in very fast turn around on both records and images. We take this performance very seriously, and track it for everyone to see. To see current performance metrics you can login to your MLS Grid account and click on the "MLS Import Status" on the left menu to see a screen like the following:

We display an up-to-date metric of the speed at which a record is added to the MLS and time till it is available for retrieval from our service.

Conversion Process & Rules

As noted previously, each record passes through a conversion process before it finds its way to our customers. This conversion process converts, if possible, the MLS data to the latest data dictionary standards.

Data Dictionary Conversion Process

What we convert

The data dictionary defines field names and in specific fields, namely lookup fields (enumerations), also field values. Converting from one field name to another is already fraught with difficulty, field values are another matter altogether.

For this reason, at this time the MLS Grid conversion rules only concern themselves with field names (unless specified otherwise). This means that fields that are converted from an MLS local field to a data dictionary field with lookup values will retain the same value, regardless if that value is defined as a lookup field option in the Data Dictionary rules.

How we handle date fields

Finally, it's worth noting that ALL date fields are converted to a DD field are represented in UTC, regardless of the MLS they are sourced from. Any date fields passed through as a local field are kept in their original representation.

Modification Fields

The data dictionary defines a modification timestamp field for each resource. For example, for property the following field is used to track modifications:

Field Name



When the property data was updated by the Grid.

The value of the ModificationTimestamp field coming from the Grid is the time that the record was modified by us. The OriginatingSystemModificationTimestamp contains the source MLS modification time.

To quickly demonstrate how this works. Let's consider a property record from MRED in Chicago.

The native record you would receive over RETS might look like this:

"RECORDMODDATE" : "2018-01-10T21:40:12",
// and the rest

The MLS Grid will take this record, run it through the conversion process and when it is available to consume it will update the modification timestamps. The resulting record could approximate the following:

"ModificationTimestamp": "[time we set]",
"OriginatingSystemModificationTimestamp": "[value from RECORDMODDATE]",
// and the rest

MLS Grid Service & API

The MLS Grid service provides everything from unified licensing to a simpler subscription process. This section covers the data retrieval process for developers through our API.

We do not support real time data access at this time. Our service provides the data through a data replication process. This will be the case for the foreseeable future while we focus on providing a stable data platform and work towards providing real time data at some point in the future.

Even though our focus is on replication, we are using the newer Web API to service this need. The Web API provides a lot of exciting things for developers:

  • Modern RESTful API, as is more common through the tech world and easier to test because of this.

  • For real time use it has a more well thought out query language for expressive data access capabilities.

To make the Web API as fast as possible for the use of replication, we've created a standard Web API that does away with all the capabilities needed for real time use and focused only on the features needed for replication.

The result of this is a faster Web API that restricts the consumer to querying using specific fields needed for replication.


The MLS Grid uses a simplified Oauth 2 authentication schema with long term tokens. Because trust has already been established via the subscription sign up process, generating these tokens is simple and done through the Web Application interface.

Once a subscription has been created, and a licensee added, an API token can be generated on the token tab when viewing a subscription. As shown here:

Using this same interface you can re-generate a new token any time you want. Take care with this as your existing access token will be revoked.

API Access

To get data you target our odata based Web API like so:$filter=ModificationTimestamp%20gt%202018-12-30T23:59:59.99Z

With the following header




Bearer [token]

Explanation of the URI segments

The URL shown above has the following segments (with explanations)



The main location of the API Service for now and the future


The residential idx property feed.


Using an odata query. This is limited for replication purposes.

All data is compressed using gzip compression to shrink the overall payload size.

Limitations of Replication API

At this writing there are several limitations imposed on the Web API for the purpose of replication. These limitations are imposed to make the generally heavy odata faster for this specific use case.

Here are limitations imposed:



Searchable Fields

There are only a few fields you can query the service with. This includes timestamp and status fields. See below for a list of all fields.

$expand calls

$expand is not supported at this time due to the custom nature of our API service

5000 records per request

You can receive at most 5000 records per request. If you set $top=6000, for example, you will receive an error. The application will default to 500 records per request if not specified.

or operator

The query must include no more than 50 'or' operators per query.

Otherwise, users can select for specific fields as expected using the $select param in the URL.


Here are some examples of how you will use this API for replication. All examples assume the use of the headers being set properly for authentication purposes.

Initial Import

This is what the initial import will look like:$filter=MlgCanView%20eq%20true

The initial import would grab the first "page" of data. We don't want any deleted records so we set MlgCanView to being "equal" to true.

We also need to grab all of the media records:$filter=MlgCanView%20eq%20true

Each associated media file will contain the id of the record it belongs to ("ResourceRecordID") and a url ("MediaURL") to retrieve the media resource. These files are stored on amazons S3 service and are not expected to be the end point you use for your customers. Instead, we suggest that all users will download and host these files for their own use.

As part of the response you will find a part of the body called nextLink which contains a url that you can use to page through the data. You would continue to use the next link to get the next page of data until the response no longer contains a next link. Here is a snippet that shows what the next link looks like in the json.

"MlgCanView": true,
"ModificationTimestamp": "2019-02-01T00:55:41.516Z",
"OriginatingSystemName": "mred"
"@odata.nextLink": "$filter=MlgCanView%20eq%20true&$top=500&$skip=500"

After Initial Import

After we have the initial data fully downloaded$filter=ModificationTimestamp%20gt%202019-02-04T23:59:59.99Z

for any data related changes and$filter=ModificationTimestamp%20gt%202019-02-04T23:59:59.99Z

for any media related changes.

This should be very familiar to anyone who has used RETS before and needed to replicate over that service.

Signal Fields

The following fields when they have changed indicate that action must be taken by the consumer with regard to their local data store.



Action to Take



The record data has changed, replace the contents of your local copy of the record with the updated copy received during replication.



When changed to false, the record is no longer valid for the feed type you consume and must be removed from your local data store.



This value will not change without also having a change to the ModificationTimestamp. During regular replication, when the value received during replication is different from the value contained in your local data store, the image file has changed and needs to be re-downloaded using the updated value of the MediaURL received during replication.


The media resource contains data describing photos associated with Properties, Members, and Offices.

In order to retrieve the photo associated with the media record, you will need to use the url provided in the MediaURL field to download the image. The url is for the highest resolution photo that the MLS provides to us.The URLs contained in the Media resource are to be used ONLY for the purpose of downloading a local copy of the image file. DO NOT use these URLs on your website or in your application.

The ResourceName indicates the type of Resource the photo belongs to. Possible values for the ResourceName field are property, member, and office.

The ResourceRecordID is the ForeignKey for the Resource that it belongs to. The ForeignKey for each of the Property resources is ListingId. The ForeignKey for the Member resource is MemberMlsId. The ForeignKey for the Office resource is OfficeMlsId.

Deleted Records

MlgCanView - Deleted Listings, Off Market Listings, Etc

Each record in the system has a field called MlgCanView which is a boolean field and indicates whether the record should be kept in your database or not. This is how we have implemented our delete mechanism.

  • IF true, then save or update the existing record in your db.

  • IF false, then remove the record from your database (or never save it in the first place).

This value can be changed to false based on a number of different reasons. The following are a few example reasons:

  • The property was deleted.

  • The property listing office decided that they don't want to feed out any of their listings.

  • The property changed status and made it unavailable in IDX

  • Etc.

The MlgCanView field is a specific field to the MLS Grid that tells you whether the record should be kept in your database. (note that any field with the prefix "Mlg" is specific to the Grid)

Resource Naming

The following is a list of the resource names (or entity sets) to use in the URL.

Resource name

Property Type




Residential Property Resource. This resource should contain dwellings that are for sale. Some examples are Single Family Residence, Condominium, etc.


Residential Lease

Residential Lease Property Resource. This resource should contain dwellings that are for lease. Some examples are Single Family Residence, Apartments, etc.


Residential Income

Residential Income Property Resource. The Residential Income, a.k.a. Multi-Family, Resource. This resource should contain multi-family dwellings that are for sale. Some examples are duplex, triplex, fourplex and apartments. Legally this resource should contain 2 to 4 unit properties, but some MLSs allow more than 4 units.



The Land Resource. This resource should contain Lots and Land that are for sale.



The Farm Resource. This resource should contain either commercial or residential farms.


Manufactured In Park

The Mobile Resource. This resource should contain mobile homes.


Commercial Sale

The Commercial Sale Resource. This resource should contain commercial and industrial properties that are for sale.


Commercial Lease

The Commercial Lease Resource. This resource should contain commercial and industrial properties that are for lease.


Business Opportunity

The Business Opportunity Resource. This resource contains businesses that are for sale and may not include real property.



Member Resource



Office Resource



Media resource



Openhouse resource

Searchable Fields

To keep performance as optimal as possible, we restrict searching on our replication odata server to the fields that are required for replication consumers. The tables below detail those fields.

Searchable Property Field



Modification timestamp of a given record


The MLS Grid name for the Originating System.


The standard status field (values are 'active', 'closed', etc)


The id of the listing record.


Whether or not you have permission to view a record.

Searchable Media Field



Modification timestamp of a given record.


The MLS Grid name for the Originating System.


The key for the media record.


The parent record ID (ListingId, MemberMlsId, OfficeMlsId).


Whether or not you have permission to view a record.

Searchable Member Field



Modificationtimestamp of a given record.


The MLS Grid name for the Originating System.


The Id for the member record.


Whether or not you have permission to view a record.

Searchable Office Field



Modification timestamp of a given record.


The MLS Grid name for the Originating System.


The Id for the office record.


Whether or not you have permission to view a record.

Searchable OpenHouse Field



Modification timestamp of a given record.


The MLS Grid name for the Originating System.


The key for the open house record.


The parent listing id for the open house record.


Whether or not you have permission to view a record.


The date that the open house will take place.


Use this endpoint to access the metadata for these resources.$metadata/

Dynamic Field Data

The data coming from our system will not always contain every field for every record. Each record contains only the fields converted from its originating source MLS. The metadata contains definitions for the fields in our data but not all fields apply to every record.


Querying by the StandardStatus is a special case. You must use the following syntax: To get all of the records that have an Active StandardStatus (name: 'Active' value: 1):

// Query by the name$filter=StandardStatus+eq+Enums.StandardStatus%27Active%27

The following are the RESO Standard Status values we provide:



Standard Name






Active Under Contract









Coming Soon




















The OriginatingSystemField is a field we use to indicate which system a record has originated from. The values in this field are case sensitive and usually all lowercase. The possible values for OriginatingSystemName are as follows:


Originating System


MRED Midwest Real Estate Data


RT RealTracs




Canopy MLS




Heartland Multiple Listing Service, Inc.


MIBOR REALTOR® Association


My Florida Regional MLS DBA Stellar MLS


Northwest MLS

Local Fields Prefix

Local fields specific to an MLS have been prefixed to identify which MLS they originate from. The local field prefixes are:

Local Field Prefix

Originating System


MRED Midwest Real Estate Data


RT RealTracs




Canopy MLS




Heartland Multiple Listing Service, Inc.


MIBOR REALTOR® Association


My Florida Regional MLS DBA Stellar MLS


Northwest MLS

Prefixed KeyField Values

In order to maintain uniqueness across IDs, it is necessary to prefix our Key and MlsId fields throughout the data. Any field that is a Key or an MlsId field or is a reference to a Key or MlsId field in one of our other resources will be prefixed with an MLS specific prefix. This prefix can be removed from the data prior to displaying externally but must be added back whenever requesting records within the MLS Grid.

Here are a few examples:

If my ListingKey for a record in the MLS system was '123456' and my MLS's value prefix was 'MRD', I would search in the MLS Grid for a record with a ListingKey equal to 'MRD123456'. If I wanted to display this record on my website, I would display '123456' as the key on my website.

If I have a problem with the Media records for one of my properties and I need to troubleshoot this specific record I might search for Media records by the MlsId of the property record. To find media records for a property record, If the MlsId for the MLS's property record was '456789' and the MLS's value prefix was 'MRD', I would search the Media resource for records where the ResourceRecordID is equal to 'MRD456789'.

Finally, if I wanted to find the Member record in the MLS Grid for an MLS's property record with a ListAgentMlsId of 'A10001', I would search the Member resource for the MemberMlsId equal to 'MRDA10001'. If I also search for the Property record from the MLS Grid, I can expect that the ListAgentMlsId in the data would be equal to 'MRDA10001' which would match the MemberMlsId of the Member resource record I received.

The following are the Key and MlsId value prefixes for each MLS source:

KeyField Value Prefix

Originating System


MRED Midwest Real Estate Data


RT RealTracs




Canopy MLS




Heartland Multiple Listing Service, Inc.


MIBOR REALTOR® Association


My Florida Regional MLS DBA Stellar MLS


Northwest MLS


This includes other information that might be important to better understand the MLS Grid service.

Example Property Data

Here is an example of a single property record from MRED:

"ListingId": "MRD08807670",
"PropertyType": "Residential Income",
"PostalCodePlus4": "",
"PostalCode": "60115",
"ExpirationDate": null,
"WaterSewerExpense": null,
"WaterfrontYN": false,
"License1": "",
"UnitNumber": "",
"TaxYear": 2013,
"Township": "DEKALB",
"BuyerFinancing": "",
"VirtualTourURLUnbranded": "",
"TaxAnnualAmount": 5322.38,
"SubdivisionName": "",
"ArchitecturalStyle": "",
"StreetSuffix": "Street",
"StreetName": "3rd",
"StatusChangeTimestamp": "2015-06-22T19:11:59.000Z",
"StateOrProvince": "IL",
"MlsStatus": "Closed",
"ClosePrice": 32500,
"BuyerAgentURL": "",
"BuyerOfficePhone": "815-756-1691",
"BuyerOfficeName": "Century 21 Elsner Realty",
"BuyerOfficeMlsId": "MRD24809",
"BuyerOfficeKey": "MRD24809",
"BuyerOfficeFax": "(815) 756-1692",
"BuyerOfficeEmail": "",
"ShowingInstructions": "Schedule online",
"Concessions": "No",
"BuyerAgentPager": "",
"BuyerAgentOfficePhone": "",
"BuyerAgentLastName": "McClure",
"BuyerAgentMlsId": "MRD237438",
"BuyerAgentKey": "MRD237438",
"Inclusions": "",
"BuyerAgentFirstName": "Dan",
"BuyerAgentFax": "",
"BuyerAgentEmail": "",
"Roof": "",
"RoomsTotal": 12,
"MaintenanceExpense": null,
"PublicRemarks": "Office/retail building in downtown DeKalb with 2 apartments. Great Potential. Foreclosure. Sold as is where is no disclosures. Easy to show. Main floor office/retail unit is very large and offers a full bath and kitchen. Lots of storage of additional office space. Two upper units are two bedroom good size Bedrooms.",
"ModificationTimestamp": "2018-01-04T16:34:23.000Z",
"StreetDirSuffix": "",
"Possession": "Closing",
"ConcessionsAmount": null,
"ParcelNumber": "0823160003",
"PhotosChangeTimestamp": "2014-12-31T17:43:14.000Z",
"PhotosCount": 7,
"PetsAllowed": "",
"ParkName": "",
"ParkingFeatures": "",
"OwnerName": "Of Record",
"Ownership": "Fee Simple w/ HO Assn.",
"OwnerPhone": "",
"OffMarketDate": "2015-06-01",
"OriginalListPrice": 65000,
"NetOperatingIncome": null,
"StoriesTotal": null,
"ParkingTotal": null,
"GarageSpaces": null,
"NewConstructionYN": false,
"CumulativeDaysOnMarket": 153,
"OtherExpense": null,
"AdditionalParcelsYN": false,
"Model": "",
"Make": "",
"ProfessionalManagementExpense": null,
"AssociationFeeIncludes": "",
"ListPrice": 48000,
"ListOfficeURL": "",
"ListOfficePhone": "815-877-8500",
"ListOfficeName": "Weichert,Realtors-Tovar Properties",
"ListOfficeMlsId": "MRD24201",
"ListOfficeKey": "MRD24201",
"ListOfficeFax": "(815) 231-8487",
"ListOfficeEmail": "",
"LockBoxType": "",
"Longitude": null,
"ListingKey": "MRD08807670",
"OriginatingSystemID": "08807670",
"DaysOnMarket": 153,
"PreviousListPrice": 55000,
"ListingAgreement": "Exclusive Right To Sell",
"LandLeaseYN": false,
"LotFeatures": "",
"ListingContractDate": "2014-12-31",
"Latitude": null,
"ListAgentPager": "",
"ListAgentOfficePhone": "",
"ListAgentLastName": "Tovar-South",
"ListAgentMlsId": "MRD351199",
"ListAgentKey": "MRD351199",
"ListAgentFirstName": "Rion",
"ListAgentFax": "(815) 877-8300",
"ListAgentEmail": "",
"MiddleOrJuniorSchoolDistrict": "428",
"MiddleOrJuniorSchool": "",
"InternetEntireListingDisplayYN": true,
"InternetAutomatedValuationDisplayYN": false,
"InteriorFeatures": "",
"InsuranceExpense": null,
"WaterSource": "Public",
"Sewer": "Public Sewer",
"StreetNumber": "132",
"HighSchoolDistrict": "428",
"HighSchool": "",
"Heating": "Gas",
"BathroomsHalf": null,
"FuelExpense": null,
"ElementarySchoolDistrict": "428",
"ElementarySchool": "",
"GrossIncome": null,
"GreenBuildingVerificationType": "",
"GreenEnergyEfficient": "",
"AttachedGarageYN": false,
"BathroomsFull": null,
"AssociationFeeFrequency": "",
"FireplaceFeatures": "",
"FireplacesTotal": null,
"FoundationDetails": null,
"BelowGradeFinishedArea": null,
"LeaseAmount": null,
"ExteriorFeatures": "",
"DirectionFaces": "",
"OtherEquipment": "",
"ElectricExpense": null,
"Electric": "",
"AccessibilityFeatures": "",
"Directions": "RT 38 to 3rd St is one way going North",
"LotSizeDimensions": "22X67",
"Contingency": "",
"StreetDirPrefix": "N",
"PurchaseContractDate": "2015-06-01",
"CoListAgentMlsId": "",
"CoListAgentKey": "MRD",
"CountyOrParish": "De Kalb",
"CloseDate": "2015-06-22",
"City": "DEKALB",
"BuyerAgencyCompensation": "3%",
"AssociationAmenities": "",
"BathroomsTotalInteger": 3,
"BedroomsTotal": 4,
"Basement": "None",
"YearBuilt": 1904,
"Zoning": "OTHER",
"Disclosures": "",
"AssociationFee": null,
"LivingAreaSource": "",
"LivingArea": null,
"MLSAreaMajor": "De Kalb",
"Appliances": "",
"InternetConsumerCommentYN": true,
"Cooling": "",
"PrivateRemarks": "Sold as is where is no disclosures.",
"SpecialListingConditions": "None",
"RoomType": "",
"LotSizeAcres": null,
"MlgCanView": true,
"OriginatingSystemModificationTimestamp": "2018-01-04T16:34:23.000Z",
"OriginatingSystemName": "mred",
"OriginalEntryTimestamp": "2014-12-31T17:43:14.000Z",
"InternetAddressDisplayYN": true,
"StandardStatus": "Closed",
"BuyerAgentMobilePhone": "",
"ListAgentMobilePhone": "",
"MRD_A10F": "",
"MRD_A10L": "",
"MRD_A10N": "",
"MRD_A10S": "",
"MRD_A10W": "",
"MRD_A1F": "",
"MRD_A1L": "",
"MRD_A1N": "",
"MRD_A1S": "",
"MRD_A1W": "",
"MRD_A2F": "",
"MRD_A2L": "",
"MRD_A2N": "",
"MRD_A2S": "",
"MRD_A2W": "",
"MRD_A3F": "",
"MRD_A3L": "",
"MRD_A3N": "",
"MRD_A3S": "",
"MRD_A3W": "",
"MRD_A4F": "",
"MRD_A4L": "",
"MRD_A4N": "",
"MRD_A4S": "",
"MRD_A4W": "",
"MRD_A5F": "",
"MRD_A5L": "",
"MRD_A5N": "",
"MRD_A5S": "",
"MRD_A5W": "",
"MRD_A6F": "",
"MRD_A6L": "",
"MRD_A6N": "",
"MRD_A6S": "",
"MRD_A6W": "",
"MRD_A7F": "",
"MRD_A7L": "",
"MRD_A7N": "",
"MRD_A7S": "",
"MRD_A7W": "",
"MRD_A8F": "",
"MRD_A8L": "",
"MRD_A8N": "",
"MRD_A8S": "",
"MRD_A8W": "",
"MRD_A9F": "",
"MRD_A9L": "",
"MRD_A9N": "",
"MRD_A9S": "",
"MRD_A9W": "",
"MRD_AAN": "",
"MRD_AGE": "100+ Years",
"MRD_AMEN": "",
"MRD_AMN": "",
"MRD_AMT": "",
"MRD_AON": "No",
"MRD_AP1": "None",
"MRD_AP2": "None",
"MRD_AP3": "None",
"MRD_AP4": "",
"MRD_ATC": "",
"MRD_ATD": "",
"MRD_AZ": "",
"MRD_B2F": "",
"MRD_B2L": "",
"MRD_B2S": "",
"MRD_B2W": "",
"MRD_B3F": "",
"MRD_B3L": "",
"MRD_B3S": "",
"MRD_B3W": "",
"MRD_B4F": "",
"MRD_B4L": "",
"MRD_B4S": "",
"MRD_B4W": "",
"MRD_B78": "Yes",
"MRD_BAS": "None",
"MRD_BAT": "",
"MRD_BB": "No",
"MRD_BD3": "No",
"MRD_BF": "",
"MRD_BMD": "",
"MRD_BR1": "0",
"MRD_BR2": "2",
"MRD_BR3": "2",
"MRD_BR4": "",
"MRD_BRALL": "4",
"MRD_C35": "",
"MRD_C57": "",
"MRD_C810": "",
"MRD_CARS": "0",
"MRD_COMPPAIDON": "Gross Sale Price",
"MRD_DAY": "",
"MRD_DBL": "",
"MRD_DIN": "",
"MRD_DRF": "",
"MRD_DRL": "",
"MRD_DRS": "",
"MRD_DRV": "",
"MRD_DRW": "",
"MRD_E": "",
"MRD_EXT": "Brick",
"MRD_FIN": "Cash",
"MRD_FRF": "",
"MRD_FRL": "",
"MRD_FRS": "",
"MRD_FRW": "",
"MRD_GAR": "",
"MRD_GRE": "",
"MRD_GRID": "",
"MRD_HEM": "No",
"MRD_HERS": "",
"MRD_HPF": "",
"MRD_HTE": "",
"MRD_IDXOfficeParticipationYN": "Y",
"MRD_INF": "None",
"MRD_JNE": "",
"MRD_KIT": "",
"MRD_KTF": "",
"MRD_KTL": "",
"MRD_KTS": "",
"MRD_KTW": "",
"MRD_LACITY": "Poplar Grove",
"MRD_LASTREETNAME": "Dawson Lake Road",
"MRD_LAZIP": "61065",
"MRD_LOCITY": "Loves Park",
"MRD_LOZIP": "61111",
"MRD_LO_LOCATION": "24201",
"MRD_LPF": "",
"MRD_LRF": "",
"MRD_LRL": "",
"MRD_LRS": "",
"MRD_LRT": "",
"MRD_LRW": "",
"MRD_LSZ": "Less Than .25 Acre",
"MRD_LX1": "0",
"MRD_LX2": "0",
"MRD_LX3": "0",
"MRD_LX4": "",
"MRD_MAF": "",
"MRD_MBB": "",
"MRD_MBF": "",
"MRD_MBL": "",
"MRD_MBS": "",
"MRD_MBW": "",
"MRD_MC": "Off-Market",
"MRD_MGT": "",
"MRD_MPW": "",
"MRD_MSI": "",
"MRD_N": "",
"MRD_NCO": "",
"MRD_OAI": "",
"MRD_OD": "",
"MRD_OMT": "0",
"MRD_OSD": "",
"MRD_OT": "",
"MRD_OWS": "",
"MRD_PA": "",
"MRD_PHO": "",
"MRD_PKN": "None",
"MRD_POO": "",
"MRD_PTA": "",
"MRD_RECORDMODDATE": "2018-01-04T16:34:23.000Z",
"MRD_RM1": "4",
"MRD_RM2": "5",
"MRD_RM3": "4",
"MRD_RM4": "",
"MRD_RR": "No",
"MRD_RT1": "0",
"MRD_RT2": "0",
"MRD_RT3": "0",
"MRD_RT4": "",
"MRD_RTI": "",
"MRD_S": "",
"MRD_SACITY": "Dekalb",
"MRD_SAS": "U",
"MRD_SASTREETNAME": "Boenavista",
"MRD_SAZIP": "60115",
"MRD_SC": "",
"MRD_SCE": "",
"MRD_SCI": "None",
"MRD_SD1": "0",
"MRD_SD2": "0",
"MRD_SD3": "0",
"MRD_SD4": "",
"MRD_SF_UN1": "",
"MRD_SF_UN2": "",
"MRD_SF_UN3": "",
"MRD_SF_UN4": "",
"MRD_SHORT_SALE": "Foreclosed/REO",
"MRD_SOCITY": "Dekalb",
"MRD_SOSTREETNAME": "N First Street",
"MRD_SOZIP": "60115",
"MRD_SO_LOCATION": "24809",
"MRD_SZ": "",
"MRD_TDY": "",
"MRD_TMU": "3 Flat,4 Flat,1 Story Unit/s",
"MRD_TNU": "3",
"MRD_TP1": "None",
"MRD_TP2": "None",
"MRD_TP3": "None",
"MRD_TP4": "",
"MRD_TPC": "",
"MRD_TPE": "",
"MRD_TaxExemptions": "None",
"MRD_UD": "2018-01-04T16:34:23",
"MRD_UF1": "1",
"MRD_UF2": "2",
"MRD_UF3": "2",
"MRD_UF4": "",
"MRD_UFL": "",
"MRD_VT": "None",
"MRD_VTX": "",
"MRD_W": ""

Example MlgCanView Property Data

Here is an example of a single property record that CANNOT be viewed from MRED:

"PropertyType" : "Farm",
"ListingKey" : "MRD08986428",
"ListingId" : "MRD08986428",
"OriginatingSystemModificationTimestamp" : "2018-10-10T14:34:39.000Z",
"MlgCanView" : false,
"ModificationTimestamp" : "2019-01-31T23:36:04.459Z",
"OriginatingSystemName" : "mred"